Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Birth and Rebirth

I finally decided to create a blog today.
some kind of footprints I will leave for future readings and memories I guess.

I never held a diary, fearing to be read which sounds like a contradiction with this blog.
why a blog? why today?
I guess that maturity has something to do with it.
Two other events maybe have influenced this birth.
First, I had a bet with a friend to find his secret blog, as I am a little playful, I took the bet and found the blog. at least one of his blogs. And today I told him about it. Seems like fair to create my own secret blog and I may tell him about it one day, or not..

Second, I had some kind of laser surgery today, in women's most intimate part of the body.
Of course it hurts a little bit, but it also allow me to spend a day home thinking about life and this f***ing modified cells in my deepest intimacy.
Hopefully, I still should be able to have kids. But being so close to sterility and this floating cancer threat might have also influenced this "big decision".

I still don't know what i will put inside this blog or even if the posts will remain in english, as it isn't my mothertongue.
You (huh? silly as I guess nobody will read this!) will probably find intimate thoughts of a 31 yo woman, but nobody knows what can occur into these line drops.